Rented Geek Philosophy

Rented Geek helps you with your computer related problems when and where it's convenient for you: In your home, when you're available. Your Rented Geek comes with 5 years of commercial PC maintenance as well as 6 years of small office and home networking tech support experience and almost 20 years of general computer support.
The Rented Geek philosophy is simple: Time is valuable and you have better things to do than fight with your computer. In accordance with that philosophy, we break projects down into 3 separate categories:

  1. Best done in-home.
    • Installation - computer and network
    • Password Recovery
  2. Best done in-shop.
    • System Cleanup - virus/adware/spyware removal
    • Repair
    • Data Transfer
  3. It Depends
    • System Upgrade
    • Software Installation

The 'It Depends' category is there because some things are quick, and some can take hours. Upgrading a computer's memory takes 20 minutes. Upgrading from Windows XP to Vista can take an hour for the basics and 2 more for the updates.
All of the in-shop work includes the pickup and re-installation of your hardware. Also, all work includes free* recycling of your old unwanted hardware.

* - CRT monitors contain a substantial amount of lead and will be charged a $10 disposal fee.

HELP!! - We're dying in here!

So far this summer I've had to resuscitate 2 computers and pronounce a third one DOA. Some nefarious virus? No. Rough handling by wayward children? No. Cheap parts from some off brand manufacturer? No. The simple truth is that all 3 were suffering from heat stroke.

Why are laptop repairs so darned expensive?

Rented Geek is one of the few repair places that will work on actually repairing the power jacks for laptops. Why? For the simple reason that most customers can't justify the expense of repairing their laptop when it's going to cost 2/3 of the price of a cheap laptop to fix, and most repair businesses can make more money spending their time doing other work. I generally quote people $120 - $180 plus any parts in order to repair a power jack. For me, that's between 2 & 3 hours of work to repair what should be a simple job. Unfortunately, the design philosophy of laptops and the subsequent physical design of the laptops makes it anything but simple.
Let's face it, with a desktop - taking more than 30 minutes to replace the entire power supply means that something is going horribly wrong. 2 screws to remove the side, 4-8 power jacks plugged into the motherboard and the hard drives, then 2-4 screws to remove the power supply. Unscrew - unplug - unscrew - swap - screw - plug - screw - done. Why should it take so much longer with a laptop?
There are several reasons it takes so much longer to fix a laptop.

VOIP - is it for you?

This week I would like to take a look at VOIP phone service.

TLC for you hard drive

On of the most frequent complaints I hear is 'My computer is slow and it seems to take forever to load XXX.' Sometimes the problem actually is the computer - either there is something running in the background that is running along slowing everything down, or something is configured wrong and the computer is very busy doing nothing.

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